Thoughts of mine

Do you ever have a few clever thoughts that you end up keeping to yourself? I know I do. Here are some of the things that have crossed my mind these past few days. Some are granted, deeper than others. But mostly they all have lasting impact. Short, but sweet. Here are just a few thoughts of mine:

Alone. To think and to become.

We eat the words we are given. But we put inside our hearts the words we make.

I want. And what a shame that is. I have.

Just some thoughts for you guys. There is a lot of substance in each of those. If you noticed, they all have one theme. I would say it is Desire. When we just need something and we don’t know what it is. I first, take time alone. Then I write about what I feel. Finally, I conclude something out of all of those feelings. Then I recycle the process again when I feel incomplete about something.

In such a fast paced world. Fast cars. Fast food. Fast technology. Our brains simply are not as fast as this world. There is no good reason to let it overwhelm you. Just, take a deep breath, slow down. Take time for yourself. When things don’t feel like enough. When desires reach out beyond your grasp. Evaluate yourself, for yourself. Then, maybe, take a long walk and your heart will grow three times bigger.

Thank you! I feel so connected to this process I created. It is, however, not perfect. It is not a how-to. Nor the answer to all of our problems. It is simply what I do time to time when I feel a little out of reach from what I am wanting. I appreciate and thank you ALL! Hit “like” if you enjoyed this post! And comment below, what do you do to check-ya-self?

Love, IsabellaFella

One thought on “Thoughts of mine

  1. ummm.. what I do to check-ma–self ??.. I write.. n see wht my words hold tht day .. as in whether my thoughts are positive or not … if not then I rest tht day .. tk care of myself n do smthng tht makes me feel good about me .. 💜

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