Letting it go

Breaking free from a relationship that is tearing you down. That is one of the hardest adulthood lessons that I am developing. Because I am starting to see that some relationships are not supposed to last. This is geared towards a romantic relationship I had in highschool.

And instead of making a list on how to properly deal with your unique situation that has led you to keep reading this, I have poetry that will stir up an issue, if there is one.

Let’s jump right into it.


I didn’t think it was that beautiful.

And he loved beautiful things.

“I love you” literally fell out while I exhaled.

Year by year he believed it.

And year by year my heart sank.

When I threw those words out,

He threw “I love you” out too.

And I still don’t know if the pain was from my little lie.

Or his little lie.

I didn’t like that beauty.

But he did.

And I wanted to be loved.

So it became beautiful. So beautiful.

Thank you for reading. This poem is about there being absolutely no love in a relationship. If you relate, please take caution. Just “being together” because that is all you know, is not a great reason to be with someone.

We all want to be loved. Fake love, however, is not love at all. Personally, I ended up finding Jesus after I let go of the person who was holding me down. And since then, I have been learning what love is all about.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to hear more? Comment below!

Love, IsabellaFella

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